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Wallace Weylie | Of Counsel

Wallace J.D. Weylie is an Attorney Of Counsel at Weylie Centonzio, PLLC. Mr. Weylie has 24 years of experience practicing law in Florida and 50 years total experience as an attorney since being admitted to practice law in Ontario, Canada. Mr. Weylie also currently serves as head legal counsel for the Canadian Snowbird Association which has grown to approximately 80,000 members and is Canada’s official association dedicating to defending and improving the rights and privileges of all Canadian travelers. Mr. Weylie is involved in all immigration matters at Weylie Centonzio, PLLC. His unique qualifications of being licensed to practice law in both the State of Florida and the Province of Ontario, Canada, give Weylie Centonzio, PLLC the experience our clients expect when hiring legal counsel to help pursue their immigration goals.

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